Welcome To Falcoy Financial

Our Ethical Wealth Management and Financial Planning offering seeks to help our clients grow their wealth substantially over a period of time which requires ethical financial advice, investment discipline and patience. Falcoy Financial is a specialist providing value and bringing about a change to investor's personal finances and their life financially. We are based in Mumbai, India. Our vision extends to our future growth and we work with our clients which reflect our core values.



Falcoy Financial aspires to become the leading and world class knowledge-driven brand by constantly working hard to add sustainable value to our clients. We also aim to cater those who do not have access to these services. We are here to change the way people normally invest.

Core Values

Client First


For us, our client's needs come first. We are duly committed to help our clients achieve their respective financial objectives with utmost confidentiality.




Falcoy Financial maintains complete transparency while working with its clients which forms the base to be trustworthy.


Unbiased Advice


Here, we try to avoid selling based approach which helps us to work in favour of the client and also determine what will be beneficial for the client which is the most accepted and efficient way of working for wealth managers all over the world.




Our focus on delivering innovative solutions helps us to be the most trusted wealth manager amongst our clients.