Founder's Quotes

The Quotes from our Founder are mentioned below (Published on 1st May 2013)
Author and Copyright Owner: Nikhil Deshpande

'Improvement and change is always due.'

'One should always advance in their life and career and keep their needs low.'

'The direction you take in life, your life will take that direction. Think before taking any action.'

'If you spend time for something which is not important then you will always get something in life which is not important. Utilise your time well.'

'Recessions are caused every few years due to bad intentions, greed and unsustainable wrong pratices of a majority.'

'When education becomes business, the society as a whole fails to become knowledgeable.'

'A copy paste type of mentality results in underutilisation of one's own potential.'

'Ignorant and Impatient people have an inverse relationship with knowledge and rational behavior.'

'Many people in the world tend to be ignorant by nature. Ignorance leads to stupidity. Stupidity is always expensive.'

'Success is achieved by taking risks, innovation, hard work, patience, perseverance and following practices which are sustainable in the long term.'

'What is sustainable always makes business sense.'

'All the business activities ideally fall within three parameters i.e. whether they are legal, ethical and sustainable? For eg.: business model, innovation, marketing, operations etc.'

'Stability does not bring success and happiness every time but if you do what you like as well as you are passionate about it and become successful, it surely brings happiness and stability.'

'People who are curious are the ones who have a hunger and willingness to learn.'

'One can sell a business but one cannot sell a job.'

'While doing business, never try to fool yourself, shareholders and customers.'

'Entrepreneurship is all about serving and giving.'

'What is good for creating shareholder value in the long term is always good for the business. Having said that, it is essential for companies to understand what creates shareholder value in the long term rather than following practices which are short term in nature.'

'Benchmarking and differentiation both are contradictory while innovation is never achieved in the shadow of bechmarking.'

'Investing should be based on requirements, not trends.'

'Power should ideally be granted to the good people having the right intentions. It also becomes imperative to understand nowadays what is right?'

'Its the responsibility of a ship to sail the seas and not remain docked ashore.'

'One should ideally seek to be remembered as a student and the one who has contributed to the good of the society.'

'The aim or goal of two people may be same, but the journey of each individual to achieve it in his / her life is always different.'


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